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From an early age, Boyan Milouchev was fascinated by the nature of the mind and our experience of reality. In his early twenties he became a dedicated student of NLP, which led him to explore mindfulness and the Three Principles and, in turn, to his first awakening experience in 2014. At this time he recognised the true nature of all experience as made of Love. He then came across A Course in Miracles. The book opened up his faculty to truly connect with the divine, which has guided his journey of self-discovery ever since. In March 2019 Boyan attended a Non-duality retreat, with which his journey of seeking came to an end. 


Today Boyan supports individuals and groups along the spiritual journey through 1-to-1 sessions, online events & programmes. He lovingly guides others towards the understanding of the essential cause of their suffering, and to realise their innate wholeness. His approach is gentle but direct, and especially well-suited for those who are ready to embrace life and live it fully.


Boyan has an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of Birmingham and a master’s degree in Management from the London School of Economics. His mother tongue is Bulgarian, and in addition he speaks fluent English and French and currently lives near London.


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"Applied Non-duality" Online Program

A 6-months online program in which a different topic related to Applied Non-duality is explored each month. By joining you get access to:

  • 12 x 1-to-1 sessions, 2 per month
  • 10 powerful 10 & 20-day courses
  • Unlimited private support from me via message, in addition to our 1-to-1 sessions
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Please visit the program's website to find out more about it: https://boyanm.systeme.io/course

1-to-1 Sessions: 12-session package

Client profile

These sessions are suitable for you if one or more of the following points apply to your situation: 

  • You have explored spirituality for at least 2 years and would like to go deeper
  • You are facing challenges related to physical, mental or emotional wellbeing; relationships; work & purpose; or other
  • You have had insightful revelations or experiences that you cannot fully understand yet, but want to explore further because you know that you've had glimpses of something True and Real
  • You are looking to experience more of the stillness and peace found in meditation in your day-to-day life. 


Boyan's approach is intuitive - he feels into where the client is coming from, and aims to bring the questions back to Truth, to Presence. All answers can be found by exploring the actual current experience with openness and curiosity. The methods used include, but are not limited to: 

  • Self-enquiry
  • Forgiveness and acceptance practices
  • Body-based and non-dual meditations
  • Divination


The purpose of the sessions is for you to find your Innate Peace, experience more ease, freedom, and acceptance throughout your day, and live a life that is in alignment with the Truth of the Non-dual teachings.


Each session lasts 1 hour and a revisable personalised plan will be created for you after the first session. You will receive the recording and additional recommendations by email after each session, as well as access to the content on the premium page. 


To begin, you can already schedule in a free 30min call to receive personalised recommendations from Boyan, learn more about the process, and find out about pricing.