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From an early age, Boyan Milouchev was fascinated by the nature of the mind and our experience of reality. In his early twenties he became a dedicated student of NLP, which led him to explore mindfulness and the Three Principles and, in turn, to his first awakening experience in 2014. At this time he recognised the true nature of all experience as made of Love. He then came across A Course in Miracles. The book opened up his faculty to truly connect with the divine, which has guided his journey of self-discovery ever since. In March 2019 Boyan attended a Non-duality retreat, with which his journey of seeking came to an end. 


Today Boyan supports individuals and groups along the spiritual journey through online events and programmes. He lovingly guides others towards the understanding of the essential cause of their suffering, and to realise their innate wholeness. Some of the key tools he uses include forgiveness, self-enquiry and body-based meditations. His approach is gentle but direct, and especially well-suited for those who are ready to embrace life and live it fully.


Boyan has an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of Birmingham and a master’s degree in Management from the London School of Economics. Aside from NLP, a Course in Miracles and Non-duality, he has also been influenced by the Work of Byron Katie and the teachings of Barry Long.  His mother tongue is Bulgarian, and in addition he speaks fluent English and French and currently lives near London.


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1-to-1 Sessions via Zoom

Session types:

  • Finding your True Self - in these 1-to-1 sessions we go beyond our objective experience (thoughts, feelings, circumstances) to experience the uninterrupted stillness, peace and presence of our True Self.
  • Exploring non-duality - in these 1-to-1 sessions we explore the non-dual nature of reality: the way in which Awareness effortlessly accepts all experience that arises within; the fact that our True Self remains untouched and unchanged by experience; and the transparent nature of the body and the world.
  • Expressing your uniqueness in the world - in these 1-to-1 sessions we focus on expressing the Love that we are in the world by: embracing all thoughts and feelings that arise; through radiant health and financial abundance; by creating truthful and beautiful relationships; by acting fearlessly with deep presence and compassion towards all beings.  

Each session is £120 and lasts 1 hour. The price includes a follow-up email with a summary of the topics that we have covered, recordings of guided meditations done during the session, and additional recommendations.  

Package options:

If you choose one of the package options, we will create a revisable personalised plan after the first session. Booking a package shows commitment on both sides, and provides a clearer structure to the process. I recommend having one session per week for optimal results. 

  • 4-session package for £399
  • 12-session package for £999

The price includes a follow-up email after each session (as outlined above) as well as communication in-between sessions.

Please make a payment using the button below depending on your choice. Payments can also be made in instalments (separately via invoices). 


Letting Go of the Illusion of Control

Thursday the 27th of January, 7pm GMT

In this event, we will explore: 

  • Our essential Self;
  • The body, mind and world as appearing within; 
  • The constant flow of thinking that happens effortlessly;
  • Acting in the world without a "doer"; 
  • The underlying beliefs behind "having control" and the tensions that they bring;
  • How to let go of these beliefs and of the illusion of control.

    The event will include a meditation, a talk, and a Q&A session. The price per ticket is £5, and you can purchase your ticket by clicking on the button below: 

What is Consciousness? (Talk and Q&A)

Tuesday 1st of February, 12pm GMT 

This talk will explore Consciousness, and answer questions such as: what is it?; why does it matter?; can we really know it with our minds?; and more. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Join me on Insight Timer Live: https://insig.ht/mV6Dm9SF1mb

How to Forgive? (Talk and Q&A)

Thursday 3rd of February, 12pm GMT


This talk will explain what forgiveness is, why it is important and how to practice it. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Join me on Insight Timer Live: https://insig.ht/ZajwickG1mb

How not to let others' behaviour disturb your inner peace? (Talk and Q&A)

Tuesday 8th of February, 12pm GMT


Often, when someone acts in ways we think they shouldn't or that are wrong, we lose touch with our inner peace. There is also a desire to control or change the person's behaviour. This talk will help you maintain your inner peace despite such behaviours. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Join me on Insight Timer Live: https://insig.ht/JpoQonB19mb

How not to let others' behaviour disturb your inner peace? (Meditation)

Thursday 10th of February, 12pm GMT

This will be a 15min meditation that will help you maintain your inner peace despite other people's behaviours. We will return to our True Self - a sense of Beingness that is unaffected by circumstances, and that allows for forgiveness and acceptance to happen. Join me on Insight Timer Live: https://insig.ht/fAmTOAB39mb