Living In Harmony

Learn to love the human experience 10-day course

Course description: 


By joining this course, you will receive daily guided practices, practical tools to begin living more harmoniously, and various opportunities for self-reflection. Throughout the next 5 days you will experientially recognise that nothing is random and everything is always unfolding as it should, even difficult situations. This course is for you if you're looking to: 

  • Develop a deeper trust in the intelligence of life;
  • Learn to make decisions intuitively rather than based on past conditioning by surrendering control and being fully in the present moment;
  • Tap into a higher perspective and expand in love, awareness, compassion, and presence;
  • Let go of fears, insecurities, and doubts.


Course structure: 

Day 1: Asking 'What do I really want to do next?'

Day 2: Synchronicity walks

Day 3: Dowsing


Day 4: Asking 'What would Love do?'

Day 5: Forgiveness practice



You can listen to the introduction to the course below: 




By clicking on the button below*, you will be prompted to purchase the course for £250. After buying the course, you will: 

  • Get instant access to the course online & receive a daily email with more information about the lesson of the day
  • Gain access to a private space where you will be able to listen to a new lesson each day 
  • Be able to ask me any questions that arise for you via email
  • Have a follow-up 1-to-1 session with me which you can use to further tailor the program to your current explorations. 


Join me on this journey and learn to flow with life, embrace your intuition and understand the interconnectedness of all things! Please note that this course is included in the 6-months 'Applied Non-duality: the Art of Living in Freedom' program. 




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