Applied Spirituality: Keys to Enlightened Living

The spiritual path is an ongoing journey of growth and of deepening our understanding of Life. The aim of this 20-day course is to lead you to:

  • An ever-deeper understanding of your True Self - that part of experience that is always at Peace, effortlessly fulfilled, all-encompassing and always present; 
  • Knowing experientially that the body, mind, and world are an expression of transparent Awareness; 
  • The embodiment of this understanding, expressed first and foremost by embracing all thoughts and emotions that arise, letting go of self-judgement and self-blame, and no longer projecting onto others and the world; 
  • Further expressing your innate Peace in the world through the realignment of your actions and relationships with Truth; 
  • Living in the Now, flowing with love, ease, and freedom in all situations, and fearlessly embracing your unique role in the world. 

Each daily 15-min audio contains a talk about a particular aspect of our day-to-day lives - a key to enlightened living - followed by a practice linked to that key. As such, it combines theory with practice and aims to lead to an experiential and embodied understanding of Truth. 


By clicking on this link, you will be taken to the insight timer website, where you can listen to the 'Introduction' and the 'Day 1' recordings for free. After that you will be prompted to purchase the course for $40, which would also give you access to a course classroom where you will be able to share your experiences and ask any questions that may arise for you, and I will be there to support you and answer your questions. 


I look forward to being with you on this journey! 



Boyan x