Being is the goal (poem)


 In the spiritual realm, 

achievement is opposite 

A mysterious discovery,

for knowledge becomes obsolete


Success is simply returning to this moment

No longer aiming for future outcomes

Just slowing down and noticing 

Allowing what comes 


Being is rewarded, not doing 

Witnessing - neither attaching nor detaching

Watching the continuous process of the body/mind

Aiming not to slow it down by speeding up or multitasking


So return to the Now, and forget about the ‘how’

Smile about who you already are

Know that all you need is already within

If you’re already complete, why work so hard?


There’s no more need to chase the elusive

Find and remain (in) the ever-lasting Present

What if you all ever sought was right here, 

closer than close — in your very Essence?