Access Your Intuition Through Dowsing

Course description: 

The purpose of this course is to help you tap into your intuition through dowsing. After using dowsing for going on walks, knowing what to eat, understanding past events better, or even in relationships and work, you will tap into an all-knowing Source that is beyond your personal intuition.

You will explore and experientially understand:

  • How to use dowsing tools in day-to-day life;
  • That nothing is random and everything serves a purpose;
  • How to be more detached, present, and open-minded;
  • How to deepen your trust in your intuition;
  • How to break habitual patterns of thought and behaviour and surrender ever more deeply to Life;
  • What the differences between dowsing and divination are;
  • That your True Self is not only your mind and your body, but an Infinite Intelligence that knows and sees everything and everyone.

This course is for you if you are ready to let go of attachments, experience and live the mysterious ways in which life unfolds, and deepen your trust in a Higher Intelligence that lies beyond the mind’s understanding.


Please have a dowsing tool at your disposal before starting the course. Note that you can use a pendant as a crystal or create your own dowsing rods out of everyday materials.




By clicking on the button below*, you will be prompted to purchase the course for £260. After buying the course, you will: 

  • Gain access to a private group where you will be able to watch a new lesson each day and connect with other course students
  • Be able to ask me any questions that arise for you in the group
  • Have a follow-up 1-to-1 session with me which you can use to further tailor the program to your needs. 


I look forward to connecting with you & hearing about your experiences with dowsing! 




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