The nature of Consciousness

introduction to non-duality
returning to the simplicity of I am
the scrutiny of truth


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Allowing Experience to Be as it is
This meditation gradually brings the listener back to accepting what is. Slowly, we begin by accepting the input from the 5 senses, followed by the thoughts that go through our mind, and finally the emotions and sensations in the body. We recognise our true nature as Awareness, which remains unaffected by any of the above. .
The Evolution of Consciousness: the role of AI and ChatGPT
This event explores the evolution of Consciousness from a Non-dual perspective, and touches upon the role that technology - and in particular AI and ChatGPT - has in the unfolding. The event starts with a talk and is followed by a questions and answers session.
Our True Self: All-Encompassing Awareness
You may have noticed that I start all of my courses and events by returning to Self. In this recording, I explain why that is. In truth, love, freedom, abundance, and success are not pursuits to be chased but qualities inherent right here, in your very Being.
A Powerful Question: Can I Live with this Forever?
'Can I live with this forever' is a powerful question that you can ask yourself when resistance to what is arises in the body/mind. Even though the initial reaction to the question is a strong 'no', to the Awareness that you are, the only answer to any experience is an impartial 'yes'.
Applied Non-duality: Exploring Self
Any true exploration has to begin with exploring who we really are. By recognising experientially that our Self is changeless, ever-present and untouched by objective experience, we can dive into all aspects of life more fully. This event starts with a short meditation followed by a talk and a Q&A session.
What is Deep Listening?
This recording talks about my journey of overcoming shyness and explains how to connect with others from a Non-dual perspective. As with all other questions, the answer is always to rest as Awareness, our Shared Being.
5 Reasons to Return to the Now
This audio recording gives five reasons to return to Presence whenever you are facing challenges and resisting what is. By frequently listening to it, you will gradually let go of resistance and find your innate Peace again.
Letting Go of the Separate self
The spiritual path is the journey of letting go of the idea of separation. This event will guide you back to a Truth that is beyond belief, to the fact that who you are is Awareness Itself, and Awareness remains ever-present and all-embracing at all times.
The Gifts of Darkness
During this live event I share what I have been experiencing and exploring over the last few months - what I have learned can be useful for many of you, too. We talk about the gifts of darkness; the process of re-alignment of the body/mind with Truth; the need for dualities for a complete Non-dual understanding; uncovering deep-seated beliefs that are unconsciously not serving you; and a lot more.


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