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Applied Non-duality: Exploring the Mind
Often, meditation is mistakenly understood to be 'a space of no thought'. However, from a Non-dual perspective and when we rest as Awareness, it doesn't matter whether there are thoughts in experience or not. The way this understanding expresses itself in day-to-day life is through an ever-deepening knowing that there is no doer and a deep surrender to, and acceptance of, what is.
How to stop thinking
This is a meditation on how to stop thinking in three stages. Stage 1: Notice now that you are thinking, and expand the space between the words. Stage 2: Resting in the spaciousness between thoughts.Stage 3: Knowing your self to be the spaciousness. Awareness itself is not bound by any thought. Since it is all-encompassing, thoughts appear and disappear in it, and are made of it. "I am" is far beyond what the mind can understand.
Letting go of attachments to material things
Attachments to material things point to a deeper desire for reality to be a certain way, and therefore to a lack of acceptance. This event will bring you back to Presence by exploring different aspects of attachment and letting go.
What are problems and how to (dis)solve them?
A problem is always a projection of the mind. When we question the self that has a problem, we find that we are not the mind, but the Awareness that knows both the body/mind and the seemingly problematic external situation. From the perspective of Awareness - our True Self - everything is allowed to be as it is, and there are never any problems.
Cartooniser Effect: Technique for Clarity
This meditation will help you create distance between you & a situation that you are experiencing, and think about it from a new, more detached perspective. Its aim is to give you clarity on the best and most loving way to act.
Sleep technique: you are already dreaming
In this meditation, I guide you to imagine that you are already asleep, and that your experience right now is the dream. Just by doing that, the mind and the body relax and, without realising it, you actually begin to dream.
Sleep Technique: Lotus Visualisation
In this meditation, you will learn the lotus visualisation technique for sleep. By drawing the picture below physically and metaphorically, you will go into the body and out of the mind in order to fall asleep. Further suggestions: 1) If your thoughts and feelings don't let you sleep, please listen to the meditation 'how to feel your feelings' and attempt this practice again afterwards; 2) For correct breathing and relaxation during sleep, you can experiment with mouth taping.
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