Introduction to Boyan's Teachings and Website


What is Non-duality? This talk is an introduction to the Non-dual understanding, the meaning of the words and concepts used, and the simple ways in which it helps us recognise our True Nature. The talk is followed by a Q&A session and answers questions around meditation practices and remaining at peace in the midst of struggles. 


This meditation explores the idea of controlling our thoughts and emotions and the beliefs that lie behind it. It is designed to help you get in touch with your True Self and accept your exactly as it is, moment-to-moment. 


This meditation helps you reconnect with your Inner Peace, and recognise that others are a reflection of yourself. If we get emotionally triggered and react to another person, we should be grateful to them for revealing a part of us that we haven't embraced fully yet.


Watch part 1/5 of this animated video in which Boyan shares one of his all-time favourite practices - asking the simple question "what do I really want to do next?". This question allows you to relax into the moment, let go of any ideas and plans you have about your next activity, tune into what you want to do right now, and do that next.


What happens after Enlightenment? What is life like without the seeker or separate self? How does one live beyond concepts of good and bad or right and wrong? This talk explores these questions and more, and is followed by a Q&A session that answers questions around the difficulties that arise when letting things unfold, dealing with regret, and practicing self-enquiry. 



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