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Beyond the quest for Enlightenment
What happens after Enlightenment? Isn't Enlightenment itself the dissolution of the idea of being a separate self? What is life like beyond concepts of good and bad or right and wrong? This event explores these questions and more, and includes a talk followed by a questions and answers session.
Being Is The Goal (poem)
This poem invites you to cease the chase for the elusive (future successes and achievements) and find refuge in the ever-lasting Present. It is part of the 10-day course "Staying Present In A Busy World".
The Depth Of Presence
Is there an end to the depth of Presence? This recording explores this question through three examples: 1) seeing and perception and how they change along the spiritual path; 2) the phrase "life is a dream, a play" and the various levels at which it can be understood; 3) the idea that we are not trying to change what is, but to let go of the resistance to what is. Ultimately, the aim of all life is to bring us back to Presence and to know that the Now is all that there is.
Presence Beyond Labels
What is your experience, beyond the labels of the mind? This meditation will guide you deeper into actual Presence, and help you flow with life without attachments in day-to-day life. Let concepts appear and dissolve, let life dance.
A Non-dual Exploration of Adam & Eve
Rediscover the metaphor of Adam and Eve through this Non-dual meditation. Recognise that the story is happening without a doer and is unfolding continuously on many different levels.
Staying Present in a Busy World
This live event introduces my course on “Staying Present in a busy world". The course is designed to help you live a more balanced and Present life. By joining the course, you can expect to gain not only theoretical knowledge but also experiential wisdom through real-life examples that would help you foster a deeper connection with your intuition; view relationships as a mirror of yourself & develop healthy boundaries; navigate challenges with grace; and integrate the principles of Presence into all aspects of your life.


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