Embodied Awareness: living the Non-dual teachings


Unveiling the deeper patterns

At some point on the spiritual path, exploring the mind naturally leads to descending further - into the realm of the body - to shine a light on the deeper and often unconscious drives behind our patterns and behaviours. 


The body itself can be likened to a self-contained brain, with pathways moving in all sorts of directions, directing our actions and decision-making processes. By bringing Awareness to, and as a result untangling & releasing these deep-seated patterns within the body, we liberate ourselves from so-called “negative" behaviours over time.


The Source of the body

As Awareness begins to permeate the body/mind, the human form becomes like Awareness Itself—more free, present, loving, and accepting. And just as emptiness underlies all sights and silence is the essence of all sounds, we come to recognise that the Source of the body is transparent Awareness.


Embodied Awareness

By knowing our true nature as Awareness, we can fearlessly dive into the realm of the body/mind, allowing all patterns and experiences to unfold exactly as they do, and becoming free from resistance or judgment. In this way, we start to apply and live the Non-dual teachings in day-to-day life, seamlessly letting our understanding of Self become embodied in and shared through the body/mind system. As this process of realignment unfolds, Awareness gradually permeates and transforms every aspect of our lives.