Become Free from Identifying with the Mind

Learn to love the human experience 10-day course

Course description: 

Through meditations, recordings of talks and Q&As, and supporting articles, this course will gradually help you dis-identify from the mind. By doing the course, you will: 

  • Understand that thoughts arise effortlessly in Awareness; 
  • Know experientially that your True Self is unaffected by the content of the mind;
  • Learn ways of questioning your thoughts and re-aligning them with Truth;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of overthinking and why problems arise in the first place;
  • Recognise that there is no Self to become enlightened;
  • And much, much more!

The course is for you if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the mind and how it works, to let go of habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, and to rest as the Witnessing Awareness more of the time. It is suitable for more advanced meditators.

Course structure: 

Day 1: How to stop thinking

Day 2: Simplicity beyond the mind

Day 3: Exploring Enlightenment from a Non-dual perspective

Day 4: The scrutiny of Truth

Day 5: Understanding overthinking

Day 6: Letting go of the illusion of control 

Day 7: Simply Being without attachment

Day 8: The Depth of Presence

Day 9: Presence beyond labels

Day 10: What are problems and how to (dis)solve them? 


You can listen to the introduction to the course below: 




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  • Gain access to a private group where you will be able to listen to a new lesson each day and connect with other course students
  • Be able to ask me any questions that arise for you in the group
  • Have a follow-up 1-to-1 session with me which you can use to further tailor the program to a particular life challenge that you're currently facing. 


I look forward to being with you on this journey! Please note that this course is included in the 6-months 'Applied Non-duality: the Art of Living in Freedom' program. 




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