Boyan's AI ChatBot: Usage Tips and Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in using Boyan's AI assistant. This page will guide you on how to make the most out of your experience with this very first version of the chatbot:

  • The chatbot is has been trained on all of Boyan's teachings, ensuring that you can tap into a wealth of knowledge. You will be able to ask 10 questions, after which you will be prompted to book a free 30min call with Boyan or send him an email to continue your inquiries and Non-dual explorations. You can also message him directly via email or on facebook messenger

  • Please be patient, sometimes there may be a brief delay before the chatbot starts answering. Note that you can ask a question in any language, and then use google translate to translate the answer from english. If you encounter a problem, please take a screenshot and send a message through the links provided above. 

  • Be aware that the chatbot interactions are not anonymous and are continuously monitored to improve this service over time.

  • Bear in mind that the chatbot does not have personal experiences and may not fully understand the context of your questions. It's important to always use your own judgement and verify critical information directly with Boyan.

  • If an answer is incomplete or not satisfying, please re-phrase your initial question. You can also ask the chatbot to give you more information about a response you have received.

  • If you enjoy your interactions with the chatbot, please have a look at the 'topics' page to further explore the content that has informed the answers that you received. Please also consider making a donation to support future research and development to improve the capabilities of the chatbot by, for example, adding live voice & video answers. 

May you have enlightening and insightful conversations!