Liberate Your Body: Non-duality & Natural Movement

Course description: 

The purpose of this course is to liberate your body, both spirituality and physically. The spiritual liberation comes from experientially understanding that everything - including the body - is an expression of, and made of, Awareness Itself. It also comes from acceptance and re-aligning the mind with what is, which is a direct result of understanding that everything always happens at the perfect time.


The physical liberation comes from letting go of the ideas of right & wrong movements, having a 'dedicated practice' & practicing at any moment in time instead, and allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

By doing the course, you will explore and experientially understand:

  • The non-dual nature of reality;

  • Natural movement as a way for the body to become more transparent, open & free;

  • The freedom in practicing during daily tasks and making movement the main aim;

  • The link between simplicity and creativity, and complexity leading to inefficiency; 

  • How the body is a self-healing mechanism;

  • That everything is always unfolding perfectly.

This course is for you if you are ready to dive into life more fully, to let go of your attachments to what the body is, what movement is and what it should look like, and are looking to understand and live the embodied non-duality understanding in your day-to-day life. 



Course structure: 

Day 1: The Infinite body

Day 2: What is movement? 

Day 3: Comfort zones

Day 4: Having a practice 

Day 5: Elongating the spine

Day 6: Simplicity

Day 7: Ideas to play with

Day 8: Non-duality & natural movement

Day 9: No free will

Day 10: Freedom


You can listen to the course introduction below: 




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I look forward to being with you on this journey! Please note that this course is included in the 6-months 'Applied Non-duality: the Art of Living in Freedom' program. 




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Course information:

Number of students: 1142

Average rating: 4.88/5


What people are saying:

"This course has been nothing short of incredible! Liberate Your Body provides a nurturing and safe environment for exploration and discovery, enabling us to explore ways to move, feel, and heal. The class activities are wonderfully diverse, and each day brings something new. Through the combination of movement, breath-work, and meditation, this course creates a truly powerful and transformative experience. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their body awareness and find peace and freedom within."



"I must say, this course has been an incredibly transformative experience for me. It has empowered me to connect with my physical self in entirely new and meaningful ways. Breaking free from society's limitations and expectations regarding our bodies has allowed me to embrace a more authentic and fulfilling relationship with myself. I took the leap, and the amazing things my body can do have truly surprised me!"



"This course presents a wonderful opportunity to break free from the constraints of everyday life and rediscover the innate wisdom and strength within your body. It inspired me to cultivate a deeper sense of mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness"



"As a first-timer to this type of course, I found it incredibly engaging, and I know I'll be referencing the videos time and again as I continue to practice."



"This class has given me a fresh perspective on life, and I'm eagerly looking forward to delving deeper into the subject. Thanks!" ~Teresa 


"I was impressed by how well this course was put together. And I loved the Billie Jeans dance at the end!"



"This was so helpful, furthering the journey. Thank you"