transforming relationships through being
unconditional love expressed in relationships
passion without attachment
love can only be found in the now


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Applied Non-duality and Relationships
Knowing our True Self and realising that there is no free will leads to a deep acceptance of what is. And if we get triggered by something or someone, we can fearlessly dive into exploring our reaction and heal all attachments and resistances that have been brought up.
Expressing disagreement from a place of Love
A lot of people struggle with expressing disagreement or dislike from a place of Love. By talking about boundaries and honouring your inner feelings and desires, this talk will give you clarity on how to say 'no' lovingly.
How Not To Let Others' Behaviour Disturb Your Inner Peace
This meditation helps you reconnect with your inner peace, and recognise that others are a reflection of ourself. If we get emotionally triggered and react to another person, we should be grateful to them for revealing a part of us that we haven't embraced fully yet.
Honouring the departed with Love and without regret
Often, we feel like we haven't done our best or learned as much as we could from loved ones who have passed away. This talk and Q&A session explores death and dying from a Non-dual perspective and helps you to let go of attachments to the past and to find peace & solace despite the impermanence of life.
The Metaphors of Life: Seeing Reality as a Dream
This meditation will help you understand what part of you is being reflected by a difficult situation or person present in your life. By treating reality as a dream, you will be able to see that the situation happens within you, that your True Self always remains whole and complete, and that the purpose of such challenges is to help us release our resistances to the Now.
Healing The Inner Child By Asking "How Old Is This Feeling"?
Reconnect with your inner child as you explore emotional triggers that happen during the day. Understand what you are processing & releasing by asking the question "How old is this feeling?". By recognising our projections we can, over time, heal our relationships with ourself, our family members, and our friends and colleagues.
Conscious Expression: Our Words As Doorways To Presence
This meditation will guide you to look at some everyday words such as "must", "have to" or "need to" and consider them as portals back to Presence. Learn to let go of comparisons, dualities, and to consciously use language as an expression of the Non-dual understanding in day-to-day life.


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