The body

understanding and releasing emotional blockages
allowing the body to heal itself
anxiety is your friend
facing your difficult emotions from a non-dual perspective
experiencing the body beyond the physical
breathing love through the body
finding true strenght


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How to Feel your Feelings
This meditation will help you to fully feel a tense feeling that is present in your body. By letting go of the thoughts that it brings up and the labels that come with it, you will be able to feel the feeling as it is - as a ball of energy appearing in pure Awareness - and release it from your experience.
Transcending The Body: 3 Stages To Emotional Freedom
This track will guide you through 3 stages to emotional freedom: 1) Slowing down the breathing of the body to allow for all feelings to be processed over a longer period of time; 2) Focusing on the spaciousness within which the body arises, and experiencing the Non-dual nature of reality; 3) The enlightened state, or allowing the body to take any form that it wishes to take, knowing that your Self remains complete, ever-present, and untouched by experience.
The Sloth Technique: Experiencing Life In Slow Motion
Discover "The Sloth Technique" meditation - a remedy for modern life's rush. Inspired by Lao Tzu's wisdom, embrace the art of slow living. Breathe deeply, move like a sloth, and find peace in the present unhurried moment. Let the eternal smile of sloths guide you to recognise that everything is in divine order and that there is no rush.
The Body as a Microcosm
By focusing on the body as a microcosm, this meditation aims to help you understand the purposes of matter, kundalini, and suffering. The purpose of all movement is to let go of the beliefs in separation and identification with form, and to return to Truth.
Understanding Projections and Feelings
This audio guides you back to the source of all projections - A feeling arising in the body. The more you feel the arising feelings, the more you will know that nothing ever goes wrong and that the body is itself made of transparent awareness.
Non-dual Meditation To Let Go Of Allergies
This guided meditation will help you re-align your body and mind with your True Self - changeless, open, loving Awareness that is untouched by experience. Allergies are a learned fearful reaction to a stimuli, and this simple visualisation will help you transcend this pattern and embody your True Nature by remaining relaxed and free even in the presence of allergens.
The link between Presence and having a balanced nervous system
This talk and Q and A session explore the connection between Presence and nervous system health. Discover how being in the Now can enhance the cohesion of your body's responses; increase your capacity to contain and process difficult emotions; and lead to acting from Love more of the time.


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