Misconceptions around showing unconditional love, compassion & support


  • Misconception #1 - healing is of the body/mind
    Healing happens when there is a return to Truth, because the body/mind is an expression of that Truth.

  • Misconception #2 - compassion means to join in suffering
    True compassion is coming from the space where healing takes place. How can we accept, love, and support another if we are not Acceptance & Love Itself? 

  • Misconception #3 - you can feel another’s pain
    When we are in the presence of someone who is tense or in pain, we often feel tense ourselves. The mind then likes to say 'I am feeling this person's tension' - that is not so. There is a resonance taking place, the other person is allowing your own similar suffering and resistances to come to the surface. 

  • Misconception #4 - worry is inevitable when helping others or solving problems
    Worry is just a releasing in the moment, it is not a process that leads to solutions or to insights. These same solutions and insights could come instantly, without any hard thinking or worry. The more we rest in and as Presence, the more we see and understand the deeper flow of Life, and thoughts and feelings occur to us naturally and effortlessly at the right time.

  • Misconception #5 - unsolicited advice is criticism
    If the other person is suffering but is afraid or doesn't know how to voice it, it is the natural and loving thing to do to ask a question such as 'is there anything you would like to tell me or that I can do for you?'. Another example would be that if you remain as Presence, accept the other person fully exactly as they are, and you witness the body speaking about a practice that you've recently explored or another method or modality that you've found helpful, then your advice is coming from pure and agenda-less Love and in-the-moment intuition.