Trusting another person

When you communicate with another person, what is it that makes you trust them or distrust them?


Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by human interaction, and in particular - what it is that brings about trust and friendship between people. At first, I thought it was about the words used, but I soon realised that there is a much larger amount of communication going on in the background - the non-verbal communication. My interest expanded by focusing on body language, and then continued by exploring the thoughts and the mind patterns which the body follows. 


Eventually, I came across workshops in which you simply stand with someone else - a friend or a stranger - hold hands, and look at each other’s eyes. No words, no movement. The feeling of connection that is communicated in this way is tangible, because our shared Being is made obvious in these moments. In the stillness, both of us are looking into the same Self. 


Love simply is. It needs no communicating. Actually, it is when communication stops that the depth of Love is experienced. It is in the silence, in the letting go, in the pure aliveness of Being. 


As such, trust is simply the amount of love that is expressed and felt in each communication. The words do not have to be true or loving - they can be giving directions to a stranger, or talking about daily chores. 


Since love is not personal, there is nothing to do to communicate it more clearly. Instead, it is about Being it. 


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