How do you forget someone you loved? 


Q: How do you forget someone you loved? It seems to take a lot of effort to forgive and forget someone who was a major part of your life. I hope through meditation I can give myself the power to control my thoughts and ease my mind. 


A: The desire to forget is the very thing that is making it difficult to let go. It implies that there is something unwanted and negative that needs to be removed from your mind. But your innate wholeness and completeness remain untouched by the relationship. Recognising this allows for forgiveness - you and your partner have done the best you could. You can now accept yourself and the other person as you were, and as you are now.

Often separation comes with feelings of loneliness and lack. It is these feelings that make us hold onto the relationship. But wanting another to complete us only leads to more unhappiness - we are already complete within ourself.