We think that intimacy is the connection between two bodies. However, what is the actual experience of that?


If you do not superimpose the beliefs of a body touching another body, the experience is just one sensation appearing within Awareness. When you put your hand on your keyboard, the sensation is very similarly intimate.


Yet, touch is just one tiny way of being intimate. First, when you see something, you are one with it through seeing. Seeing is just a different form of touch, which does not require the object of attention to be close to the body. The same goes for hearing - as soon as you hear a sound, you are one with it. To a more proximate extent, the same goes for smell - as soon as there is a smell, you are infinitely close to it. You are intimate in pure sensitivity. It is only when you identify with a located physical body in space that the senses that bring intimacy are touch & taste, as well as proximity of sight, sound, and smell.


As Awareness, you are equally intimate with all things, since they happen within you. You cannot possibly seek for more intimacy - you are always at the culmination of possibility. Every single object of attention reminds you of your Self, is your Self. When you touch a blade of grass, you are one with it. But you were already one with it when you saw it, or when you heard the sound your hand made when you touched it.


You are Awareness - all-encompassing, promiscuous, all-loving and all-accepting. In reality, you say ‘yes’ to all things, you say ‘thank you’ to all things, you are all things.


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