How to cultivate passion without attachment? 


Q: I've been reflecting on passion. Specifically, how to accept and cultivate passion without attachment. From my perspective passion can be a powerful conduit for cultivating creativity and connection but it can also be dangerous when combined with desire and attachment. When we are blinded by passion and desire, it disconnects us from our deeper knowing and can impede our spiritual growth. My question is, how do we cultivate the positive aspects of passion in our lives without becoming attached to the object of desire or whatever sparks the feeling of passion within?


A: To me, passion is like an intense focusing, so strong that the body experiences this fiery excitement which replaces the deeper knowing that you mention. In order to have a connection that is grounded in Love, this passion should at first be observed and allowed as it is - beyond the expectations, excitement and imagination of the mind - until this deeper stillness is felt again. Once this connection in Love becomes natural, effortless and undisturbable, passion and desire can be allowed again, but they would feel very different since they are now an expression of a much deeper knowing which always remains at the heart of experience.