Giving and receiving are the same


Let’s explore the following two statements: 


1) All gifts I give belong to me

2) All gifts I receive belong to those who give them 


It was very easy to me to understanding that when I give something to someone, we both benefit from it. I get the joy of giving and serving, and the other person gets the appreciation of the gift. 


However, it was a lot more difficult to understand that the same is true the other way around - when someone gives something to me, he/she get the same excitement from it as I do! I often felt secretly guilty for receiving something from someone, and was instantly thinking about ways to give back - and therefore not fully allowing myself to experience the appreciation of the other person’s gesture.


We share the same Being. It does not matter which body feels the joy or happiness from giving or receiving - the pleasure is always shared.


That’s why I like the english expression ‘the pleasure is all mine’. 


There is only One of us. 


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