Types of intimate relationships



The first type of relationships is based on projection. People are drawn together because they are suffering in a similar way, but are unable to go within to understand or feel their suffering. As such, they project it onto their partner. In this type of relationship, the intimacy is based on selfish needs and partners frequently blame each other, consciously or unconsciously. 


The second type of relationship is a bit more conscious. The partners experience some moments of deep connection, have satisfying intimate lives, and are willing to accept the other person and make compromises beyond their own comfort zone. However, they still don’t fully know the other person since they are largely caught up in stories of the personal mind. 


The most spiritually awakened type of relationship is one in which there is no separation between the partners - both know their own true nature, and are therefore always intimate. There are no expectations, judgements, right or wrong behaviour, mistakes, or problems with the other person. There is simply pure acceptance, and actions arising out of the love of Truth. The knowing of our shared Being leads to the understanding that love is the dissolving of relationship. 


Please note that the relationship types and outcomes in the table below are only concepts whose purpose is to serve the development of higher consciousness in relationships - they are not absolute truths.