What replaces the void left behind in the mind after letting go of worldly pleasures?


Q: When the fears and dramas about the body begin to fade, the elation and pleasures of the body begin to hold less and less  attraction or enjoyment, and the dream seems more and more transparent as to its meaninglessness, what replaces the void left behind in the mind? It's not really apathy, just a lack of stimulation and disinterest...


A: There is no void left behind in the mind - the (seeming) enjoyment of the (illusory) pleasures that the body and the world provide is a reflection of beliefs of separation from God, of trying to find God in objective experience. As such, they are the real void, reflecting the belief that there is something other than God. When these beliefs are seen for what they are, only Love remains. 


The feeling of void and disinterest that you are experiencing is a stage in the process of recognising that no false idol can replace God. It is still the separate mind trying to hold onto its beliefs in separation. Keep feeling into it and releasing the need for external stimulation and entertainment, until you recognise this Truth.