Not-knowing vs. Knowing


The ‘don’t know mind’ is a mind which is like a child’s: open, curious, empty, playful. It has no previous experience to compare what it is experiencing now with. The world is a playground. And that is correct perception.


Yet, not-knowing is still a concession to the separate self - it is still in the realm of perception. There is a looker and something that is looked at. It can be a step in the journey to Knowing, but is not Knowing itself. 


Knowing equals no separation. It means knowing that the experience and the experiencer are one and the same substance. It is no longer on the level of mind, it is the Source of mind. The mind, and every other experience, are a mere part of Knowing experiencing itself.


Not-knowing is the best a separate mind can do.


Knowing is the acknowledgment that the separate self never existed: 


The heart opens

The mind quietens

The muscle soften

The breath deepens


Slowly, the focus on any particular object – thoughts, feelings, sensations, sounds, sights, time –fades away. You simply are.


From a cloudy sky, you become the Sun.


Here, there is no difference between a thought, an object, a person, and God.


The body is no longer felt. It is replaced with transparent Light.


There is no separation. There never was. 


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