The limits of logic


Imagine equations being continuously and invisibly written on blank pages. 


Can you, if you only saw mathematical equations being written on page after page, infer that there is a mind writing it and calculating things? It would be really difficult, since all you see is the numbers being written. 


This world is like this - we only see the numbers, and the very apparatus for seeing is itself a number. So, through numbers, you would not be able to prove what is creating the numbers, or what the numbers are made of - this is what science is trying to do.


Yet, so far all that science has found is smaller and smaller numbers - it is getting closer and closer to 0 or infinity. In order to understand what is happening, you have to recognise what it is that allows you to be aware of numbers in the first place. That’s where the answer is. You cannot use logic or science to know something that is not a number. 


It is not suggested here that Awareness is a 'higher mind' that controls and manifests things in a particular order. Instead, there is nothing else but Awareness.


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