A mind cannot be enlightened



A mind cannot be awakened, it can only be re-aligned. At best, a re-aligned mind “has realisations” such as:  


  • Objective reality is an illusion
  • The separate self is a non-existent character
  • Yet, this separate self is trying to embrace that reality and live it to the fullest
  • …even though everything has already happened

From the perspective of the separate mind, what is happening here does not make any sense. How can an illusory character embrace life fully? Is it really possible for a separate self to not feel resistance or boredom when pondering upon the thought that the script has already been written?


It isn’t. When one believes in separation, suffering is inevitable. 


From the perspective of Awareness, however, it is all incredibly simple - it just is. I, Awareness, am one with everything yet not affected by it. Nothing else matters, nothing else exists, and embracing life is effortless. 


Don’t try to enlighten your mind and claim to be awake. Simply rest as your True Self, and let your mind naturally re-align by experiencing it on behalf of the Whole.