Is reality knowable by the mind?


Q: Reality is unknowable to the mind and somehow it is also known by it. The question for me is whether that idea still brings suffering or not. If it still brings suffering it is just a belief. If it puts an end to the search, the mind begins to establish itself in stillness and to go deeper into the real.  How do you see it?


A: It’s a great question :) It comes from the appearance that our experience is known by thought. Yet, these thoughts (and the mind) are themselves known, they do not know. As such, they are an expression of Consciousness, but not Consciousness Itself. 


To believe that the mind knows reality does bring suffering, because it means that the mind knows Consciousness and not the other way around. In other words, it would mean “I am a separate mind knowing the whole” instead of ‘“I am the whole knowing a mind”. And as soon as we feel separate from our Self, we seek to find it again. 


Once we become established in and are resting as Consciousness, the mind is gradually re-aligned with the knowing of who we really are. It is not the mind re-aligning itself, but rather Consciousness "bringing up" all the beliefs in separation in the mind/body. On a relative level, continuously seeing these beliefs to be illusory is what makes the (seeming) journey of going deeper into the real.