Lucid waking


As you fall asleep tonight, pay special attention to what happens in your mind and body. You will recognise that chemicals are released into the body, making it transparent, re-aligning it with Source. This process of defocusing allows thoughts and images (the mind) to come in the foreground of experience - this is what we call dreaming. Every aspect of the dream is created by, and is a reflection of, the personal mind. The personal mind divides itself into numerous people and objects, and takes the perspective of an individual separate mind in that environment. 


Lucidity is the recognition that everything that happens is part of the same mind. It is not the dreaming mind that recognises this, it is Consciousness. 


Once the dream is over, there is timelessness. No experience. Awareness remains, but there is nothing to be aware of. This timelessness is the reason why 8 hours of sleep pass so quickly. 


Eventually, the personal mind stops dreaming and is back into the world, which is commonly known as 'waking up'. The world is a collective dream, a gathering of separate minds.


The second waking is the recognition that Consciousness is the reality behind both the world and the mind. In fact, they are made of Consciousness. 


Being lucid in the world is abiding as the Self, Consciousness.