Peeling Away the Onion Layers: Unveiling the Illusion of Separation



In our journey towards Self-realisation, we often encounter various thoughts and beliefs that shape our experiences and perceptions. The technique of "peeling away the onion layers" invites us to delve deeper into these thoughts, unravel their underlying layers, and ultimately uncover the common core that lies at the heart of all our challenges. Through this exploration, we come to realise that the belief in separation is the fundamental core of all our struggles.  


Understanding the layers

To illustrate this process, let us examine three examples: "I am angry at my brother," "I don't make enough money," and "I hate being on a diet". Each of these thoughts represents a surface-level projection, concealing a deeper layer of underlying beliefs and feelings: 

Note that the above layers are just examples to help you get an idea of how to do the process for yourself. There are a large number of possibilities for the exact beliefs underlying the initial projection. 


The common core: the beliefs in separation

As we examine these thought threads, we begin to recognise a recurring theme - the belief in separation. Whether it is in our relationships, body image, or financial situation, the illusion of a fragmented existence underlies our struggles. As we peel away the onion layers, at some point a feeling will be revealed, and it is by processing this feeling that the beliefs on top that we have just uncovered will eventually dissolve. The meditation 'How to feel your feelings'  in the section dedicated to 'the body' may help you with that. 


The ultimate solution: knowing our Self

The remedy for all our problems lies in knowing our True Self, beyond the illusion of separation. When we know that our Self is Awareness Itself - ever-present, changeless, inherently whole and complete, we know all of the feelings & beliefs that we have to be illusory. This knowing allows for a deep & fearless dive through the conscious/unconscious mind and the body for them to be re-aligned with Truth and for our perception to be corrected. Once we know that all problems stem from the same beliefs in separation, it is only a matter of time before these beliefs are dissolved within unconditioned Awareness.