Knowing yourself as Consciousness while drinking tea

 Having tea as a separate self vs. having tea as Consciousness


As a separate self:

You are sitting in a chair in the morning with a mug full of Twining’s English Breakfast tea. You move your hand and grab the mug, taste the tea as you’re looking out the window at a beautiful garden and the moving clouds in the sky above you. You feel the warm liquid go down and warm you up. It feels nice. 


As Consciousness:

You see exactly the same mug and view from the window with the clouds passing by, but you know them as your Self. You cannot go anywhere else than you already are, since everything is a reflection of you. You, Consciousness, are experiencing yourself in the form of tea, clouds, a sensation that the mind labels ‘body’, a sensation that the mind labels ‘a hand touching a mug’. There is no separation between the window, the clouds, the mug, the tea, the thoughts - all is happening simultaneously and in exactly the same ‘space’ - You. There is nothing outside of you - you are all that there is. The labels become useful if you are having a conversation with another (part of you) about the nice shared (infinite) moment of ‘drinking tea’. But are not necessary per se, because they are superimposed on the constant experience of ‘I am’.


The point is not which one you’d prefer. The point is - which one is true? 


In any case, enjoy your tea :)


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