The actual experience of sitting in a chair


Seeing is the sense that seems to point to duality the most. In this post, I will therefore focus on seeing in particular. 


Become aware of what is the actual experience. You are aware of sensations in the body, of sounds, of sights in front of the body, of breathing, of thoughts, etc. 


Now, it seems like what you see encompasses the whole field of vision. However, is it true? 


Do you see what is behind the body? No. Do you see what is to the right and left of the body? Partly. Do you see what is above the head of the body? No. Do you see the totality of what is in front of the body? No, since when there is an obstacles such as a wall or object, seeing with the eyes stops there. 


Most importantly, you do not see the body. You rarely look down, and even when you do, you only see the front of the body. Hence, the body is almost always ‘in the dark’. 


But, what is this ‘dark’? You know something is there, right? Maybe call it space to start with. Btw, it is not random that we call exploring the Universe ‘space travel’ or ‘space exploration’. We are doing exactly the same thing now, since there is only One space. 


It is from this space that objects, animals, thoughts, and all material things appear, and in this space that they fade. In reality, it is not space - it is dimensionless and empty, open to receiving any thing. All things are made of it. And that ‘it’ is, in fact, you. 


The eyes are like flashlights, illuminating the knowing empty space to take a particular form as the body takes them from ‘place to place’ in infinity.


Explore the importance of the above in relation to space and time.