The movie of Life and its script


Life is like a movie that keeps unfolding. Your character is just as much part of the movie as any other character, animal, or prop. The only (seeming) difference is that you believe yourself to be a self that is separate from the screen and the totality of the unfolding movie, and as that separate self you project your beliefs of separation onto the body and the mind of the character that you seemingly are. That makes you feel like you are actually in control of what the character thinks and does, and the way interactions unfold. When you stop projecting a sense of separation onto that character, the movie continues, but you are now the screen (or field) within which it happens. No doer, no thinker, no separation. Your body is just as much that of a plant, house, animal, or other person as it is that of your seeming character, since all of these appearances are permeated only by the screen. 


The mind/body/world is an appearance within the screen of Awareness. These seemingly different elements of experience appear together - the feeling, the thought, and its projection onto the world happen simultaneously and are the same thing. 


With this recognition comes the understanding that the movie can unfold in only one way. To the screen, the identification with a separate self is just part of the movie. Since there is no cause and effect, it is impossible to act in a way you are not meant to act in or to influence other people or events beyond the written script.