Three questions about Awareness 


Q: I have three questions about Awareness: 1) What is Awareness? 2) Where is Awareness and 3) Who is Aware?


A: As a concession, it can be said that Awareness can be understood to different degrees. Having said that, here are my answers, starting with 2):


2) Where is Awareness: with the appearance of space and time, Awareness is an infinite field within which all forms appear. In fact, it is formless and empty.


1) What is Awareness - the very fact of being Aware, here and Now. In fact, there is no "here" and "Now", just Awareness, which is empty of content.


3) Who is Aware - Awareness is Aware of all experience - thoughts, feelings, other people, the world, the Universe. When explored, it becomes clear that all of these experiences are themselves Awareness seemingly taking a variety of forms, and are made of Awareness. Ultimately, there is just Awareness, or no experience at all.