What is emptiness?


Q: I have spoken to many people about emptiness, but I have yet to find anyone who has experienced it first hand. I wanted to know your thoughts on it? 


A: Emptiness is just a term used to denote the opposite of 'fullness'. It is useful along the journey of re-identifying as Awareness. The mind and the senses are so overwhelmed in our society that speaking about emptiness is a direct counter-movement to this 'fullness'.


As the opposite of fullness, emptiness is experienced between two thoughts. The mind is 'empty'. There is only pure Being. 


However, the more this so-called 'emptiness' is experienced, the more 'emptiness' becomes a not-good-enough word for it. It is not empty. It is true that it is non-physical, but it is not empty. When we try and understand the 'emptiness', there is a recognition that it is Aware. It is also ever-Present. It is also changeless. It is also permeating all seeming things.


As such, 'emptiness' becomes known as dimensionless Awareness. The first-hand experience of it is our experience of deep sleep. Contrary to popular belief, deep sleep is not the absence of Awareness - it is the Awareness of absence.