There is no self


"The self that starts the journey is not the same as the self that finishes it"


This seemed right when I first read it a couple of weeks ago. It is synonymous to Einstein’s words: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"


In the same vein, it seems that the self that is in pain is not the self that heals 

that the self that had done wrong is not the self that is forgiven

that the self that prays is not the self that gets the answer 

and that the self that surrenders is not the self that awakens


But in fact, there is no self that finishes the journey, since there is no journey

There is no self that heals, since You are whole 

There is no self that is forgiven, since You are all-encompassing

There is no self that gets an answer, since there are no questions

There is no self that awakens, since You are ever-presently awake


If you begin believing in a self that has healed, that has forgiven or been forgiven, that has awakened, that has an answer - this is, once again, the creation of a separate self that will very soon, in turn, need to heal, forgive, pray, and surrender again. As long as there are ‘levels of consciousness’, there will be a journey. 


So actually, the one who starts the journey is the same non-existing self that finishes it, and starts again.


In reality, there is neither a journey nor problems. 


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