Is there an "outward-facing path" after the "inward-facing path"?


Q: What are your thoughts about an "outward facing path" following the "inward facing path"? Does it have a place in the Direct Path approach? 


A: I think it is important to clarify some concepts  before answering the questions. To me, the direct path refers to "self-enquiry", and is as such part of the so-called "inward-facing path". However, when one recognises one's Self as all that there is, the pure Awareness within which all things arise and fade, there also comes the recognition that the so-called "outward-facing path" is a concession created to simplify the process of realigning one's experience with the understanding of our true nature. In the outward-facing path, the mind and the body - and therefore our actions, too - are realigned with what is true, while at the same time knowing that the mind/body/world are themselves an expression of our Self. As such, the outward-facing path is a deepening, a continuation of the inward-facing path.