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The massive difference between exploring spirituality in order to get rid of suffering instead of to find Peace


The reason for engaging on a spiritual path is often some kind of problem - a deep depression, a negative habit, destructive behaviour for oneself and others, etc. The exploration then unfolds with a desire to change, or get rid of, this initial problem. It is very important to note that this needs to be only the initial cause for walking this path, and must - at one point or another - be given up. 


That is because the root cause of suffering is the belief in separation. When you constantly seek to alleviate suffering, you are constantly fostering the belief in separation. You are coming from the need to get rid of a lack that is non-existent in the first place. 


If, on the other hand, you walk the spiritual path in order to find Peace, your desire is pure, and so is your exploration and its outcomes. In this case, the suffering becomes only a part of the journey, something to be curious about, maybe to understand, but certainly not something to change or get rid of. Paradoxically, when this is your approach the suffering dissolves.


The sole purpose of suffering is for you to discover your True Self. By trying to get rid of suffering you are constantly perpetuating its inability to fulfil its purpose, and - as a result - it must remain. At the same time you are disregarding what is True by focusing solely on what is not. 


Making this shift in your approach towards the spiritual exploration is as big while on the path as the final shift of identification from the mind/body to Awareness. If you genuinely want to find Peace out of curiosity and passion for Truth, you will. It is who you are, and as such is inevitable. If you had a destiny, that is it.