Finding your true voice


In addition to the physical body and the senses, another aspect of this earthly experience that makes the mind identify with the body is that, when we speak, the voice comes from the body. Since that is the case, it is very easy to say ‘I am speaking’, meaning the mind/body is speaking to an external world. 


This identification with the body’s voice happens because it seems to be a sound that comes ‘from within’ the body, has an ‘inner vibration’ in addition to the sound, and comes out of the mouth, which is itself part of the face (which many believe, as a result of societal conditioning, to be an accurate representation of themselves - see my video on this). 


However, when we look at experience, we notice first that thoughts appear in Awareness, i.e. there is no thinker. Some of these thoughts are voiced, and others aren’t - this is not a choice made by a separate self. The body is something that we are aware of, and - since the Self must be the part of experience that cannot be removed from it - it is not our Self. Finally, the sound of the voice is also something that we are aware of. As such, it has nothing to do with who you are, except that it is a tiny part of you. 


Letting go of the notion that you are the speaker will not make you say whatever you want without caring about the consequences. On the contrary, you will know that it is the Infinite expressing itself through the body’s voice. With the understanding that the voice never belonged to the body of a separate self, but to Awareness itself, your words become as true as Truth can be expressed through human sounds.