Suffering, when seen for what it is, is not painful


Anytime you are resisting or projecting tension in your body, remember these five points: 

  1. You are experiencing it, therefore you are ready for it
    If you weren’t ready for it, it wouldn’t be happening now. You have grown enough to be able to handle it. Keep going!
  2. Be grateful, it is God opening you up to Him on a deeper level
    Feeling pain is part of the process of understanding God on a deeper level. It is God Himself re-aligning your mind/body to experience and express deeper levels of Truth.
  3. You have suffered from this until now, the pain is the release from suffering
    By resisting or projecting the pain, you are continuing your agony. Feeling it means you will never have to experience it again.
  4. Underneath your resistance is what you are looking for
    You can try to find peace and happiness through projection or suppression, but you will never be satisfied - they cannot be found in objective experience. As such, once you feel the suffering, you find that what you were looking for all along was simply veiled by it.
  5. The entire Universe is feeling it
    Once you are feeling it, the ego would say you are alone and it is difficult. In fact, it is You, Awareness, that are feeling it (i.e. the entire Universe). 

You, Awareness, are never suffering. You are only experiencing an unfolding of patterns that lead the mind/body to a more aligned experience of Truth.