Is the body something you value? 


Q: Is the body something you value?


A: The body serves two purposes: first, it is there to help us feel where we are not yet aligned with Love by bringing feelings of lack and insecurity to the surface in various situations. Once those are processed, it is through the body that we express our understanding of Truth (whatever form that takes).

I am not sure that "value" is the right word. I'd say it is always important to listen to the intuition flowing through the body. 


Q: You are right - value is definitely not the right word. The question came to me after reading a quote from ACIM that someone posted. I was confused for days about ‘valuing’ the body. I still value a kiss... does that mean I’m not viewing the body as a temple for love? Maybe ‘neutral’ is a better word? 


A: Yes, ACIM aims to help us remember that Salvation cannot be found in the body, and can be found only in God. As such the only thing worth placing our faith and trust in for Salvation is God.

The beauty of ACIM is that it speaks on so many different levels. That's why the book keeps seemingly changing as we advance on the spiritual path.

It is true that Salvation cannot be found in the body, yet the body remains a (temporary and finite) expression of God. When we see the body for what it is, we are not identified with it, but cherish the purposes that it serves. 

The body is 'neutral' or an 'illusion' is a statement that comes from the Absolute understanding that there is only God. My first reply and the paragraphs above speak to a more relative level where we make the concession that there is (the appearance of) a body and a world.