Find your (spiritual) teacher


We all need teachers, depending on the way we choose to grow at various stages in our lives. But how to choose our teachers?


Independent of what you’re learning from someone, these are things I would highly encourage you to look for:

  • Is the person happy?

This is a highly overlooked quality of a teacher. If someone is not happy, please do not learn anything from them. 

  • Does the person understand what thoughts are made of?

If not, then they won’t be able to teach in a long-lasting way.

  • Are they passionate about what they teach?

  • And, most importantly, do they live and apply their own teaching?

This is closely linked to the first point - if the person is unhappy, then he is not really passionate about the topic.


Do not look for:

  • Financial success - this metric is totally irrelevant, since it has no connection with the previous 2. An unhappy and uncompassionate person can easily be financially successful.
  • Fame - many other people vouching for someone does not automatically mean that this teacher is the right one for you. Maybe he is simply good at marketing which is, once again, irrelevant to happiness and teaching skills.

Trust your instincts, and what your heart is telling you. Do this person’s words resonate with the message in your heart?


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