Meditation: Consciousness is the Source and substance of all things

One by one, we let go of the elements of maya to find our Self (Awareness) and discover that every object was made of Awareness to start with. 

Some natural consequences of doing this meditation include:

  • a relaxation that renews the mind and body;
  • self-understanding that removes fears and conflicts;
  • insightful answers to problems;
  • guidance on how to best act in accordance with Love & Truth in everyday life. 
30-min meditation to remember you are One with all things


The direct path to continuous fulfilment

Fulfilment can only be found in what is constant, real, and underlying the ever-changing experiences of the world. Continuity can only be found in what is eternal and ever-present. As such, the aim of this course is for listeners to look for and find continuous fulfilment in the only ‘place’ where it can be found - the Self.


The program includes 10 guided meditations, each approximately 10 minutes in duration.

The first part of the course focuses on re-interpreting fulfilment as a ‘state of no seeking’ rather than a feeling in the body; on recognising oneself as infinite and eternal Awareness; and on the practical importance of knowing oneself.

The second part of the course focuses on four of the things that often veil the knowing of Self - thoughts, the body, the senses, and free will.

The last part of the course gives several practices to serve as reminders in daily life based on the previous explorations. 

This is a 10-day meditation program, each meditation lasts about 10 minutes. We begin by diving deep into fulfilment, and continue by exploring the elements of experience that take us away from this peace and happiness.


Webinar Series: 5 Episodes

Episode 1: No one is in control with Samuel Jacob (a very fun conversation!)

- We cannot control being, therefore we cannot control anything

- How the mind pretends to take control of Awareness

- Wanting control is lack of knowledge of Self

For more information about Samuel, please visit:


Episode 2: Living life beyond ego with Sara Priestley

- What is ego and is it necessarily to call it that?

- The physical body is just an image within the True Body (Awareness)

- Is there inside and outside?

For more information about Sara, please visit:


Episode 3: Who we really are with Henri Saha

- The body is not (only) who you are

- What is Eternal life?

Why Mental Health Awareness is not a good idea?

- Meditation is our constant experience 

For more information about Henri, please visit:


Episode 4: Awareness is not located in the body with Laura Fernández

- Meditation (guided by both of us): the actual experience of the body

- Why is it important to know your Self as Awareness?

- What is it that knows the absence of mind? 

For more information about Laura, please visit:


Episode 5: Non-Duality & Sport with Grayson Hart

- Life is a game & the loving indifference metaphor;

- Relating from love to our coach / boss / teacher, and the experience of bullying;

- Dealing with physical and emotional pain in the body;

- Finding deep peace in the midst of all experience. 

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Portal to Infinity (30-day course)

By signing up to this course, over the course of the month you will receive fifteen e-mails with meditations, exercises, and guidance to remember your True Self. Every 7 days, you will receive a 30-minute long weekly meditation that introduces the topic for the following week. Each subsequent email for the week is relevant to that topic. 

The structure of the course is the following:  


Week 1: I am Infinite and Eternal Awareness

  • What do you mean when you say ‘I’? The first week, we will learn how to stop taking things personally.

Week 2: Thoughts are made of Awareness

  • Many of us believe our thoughts to not only be ours, but also true and real. The second week, we will explore what thoughts are actually made of beyond their content, and the infinite spaciousness within which they appear. The meaninglessness of all thoughts will be made obvious.

Week 3: The body is made of Awareness

  • The body is the main source of separation, which is used by the separate self as proof that ‘I’ means something separate and different from the rest of the world, and is finite and temporary. The third week, we shall explore the actual experience of the body, and what it is really made of. By the end of the week, you will no longer let any bodily sensation veil the knowledge of your Being.

Week 4: There is nothing outside of Me

  • This is the final exploration, in which we begin living the knowing that ‘I am’ encompasses, and is, all things.

The recordings and e-mails were made during the 'Portal to Infinity' program in October 2019


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