1-to-1 sessions


In 1-to-1 sessions, we explore the Truth of who we are. We meet either online or in London, and you can bring any issues or questions that you currently have as a topic of focus. A session is 1h-long and usually includes a guided meditation in which we go back to recognising our True Nature as Awareness itself - the ever-present, all-encompassing spaciousness that is one with, and yet untouched by, objects of experience. From this understanding that who we are remains unchanged by experience, the solutions become clear and known. It becomes easy to think, feel, and act from the perspective of unconditional Love. All of your questions, challenges, and problems slowly begin to be re-aligned with this understanding. As explained on the Home page, life becomes simple and enjoyable. 


After each session, I will send you a follow-up e-mail with additional recommendations and suggested practices.


In case you purchase a package, e-mail conversations in-between sessions are also included in the price.

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Single Session

In most cases, this is a taster session followed by a 4 or 12 session package.  A recommended plan will be created after this session based on the client's desired areas of focus. 

The sessions are held via Skype, or - in case you are in London - in person. 


4-session package

A revisable personalised plan will be created after the first session. 

The recommended time period to use the sessions is 1 month. The package is valid for 4 months. 


12-session package


A revisable personalised plan will be created after the first session. 

The recommended time period to use the sessions is 3 month. The package is valid for 12 months. 



*Please note that I also offer longer-term packages and a full 3-day guidance. For more information about those, or if you have financial issues at the moment and cannot afford the full prices, please contact me.

If you have further questions on the sessions, please visit the FAQ page.