God's nudges



A lot of people want their lives to flow. For many this may be expressed through having enough money and somewhere nice to live. However, in order to sustain this people often spend their days away from that nice home and, as life becomes more and more structured, there is little space for life to flow spontaneously. 


For those who still have time and energy after meeting their 'essential' needs, there can grow a desire to ‘follow our dreams’. However, what the mind imagines this dream to be is often very different to our true purpose in life.


No matter where you are, there are always thoughts and feelings that point you in a certain direction. Maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you feel very anxious and overwhelmed, maybe all you do all year is to wait for your holidays etc. These are all signs (or 'nudges') that there is more waiting for you to discover… God has a better plan. You can choose to ignore these nudges, or dare to follow them. Following them leads to a broader understanding of life, and a depth of fulfilment that is not graspable by the mind. Ignoring them leads to an ever-deepening spiral of physical and psychological issues, and to their projection onto others and the world. 


But even when you choose to follow these nudges, don’t expect that everything will happen on its own. A nudge is just a pointer towards an action that you have to take yourself. Resting in nirvana and waiting for things to happen will often get you nowhere. This too, is choosing to disregard God’s Will, which is for you to develop and offer your unique gifts to the world. 


So, look out for the nudges, consider them thoroughly and, if your heart opens - dive into the possibilities offered. You have nothing to lose.


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