The Grace is the suffering


A lot of people on the spiritual path are looking for a ‘moment of Grace’ that will erase all of their suffering forever onwards. The good news is, such a moment can only come from the perspective of the separate mind, and is not necessary. In fact, even if it does come, the journey has to start again exactly where it was left off. In other words, enlightenment is simply a realisation of timelessness in the midst of time. But since the mind still holds onto the belief in time, life eventually continues as before. 


Stop looking for that moment of Grace. Recognise now that Grace is what allows you to have experience. Recognise now that there is nothing outside of Awareness, your true Nature. You are whole and complete, immaculate in your changelessness. 


The Grace is the suffering - as Rumi puts it, “the wound is the place where the light enters you”. Don’t push it away. Don’t judge it. Embrace it just as your true Self embraces it. Abide as that which you essentially are, and suffering is beautiful - embrace it, and it is gone. 


Think about the number of people that are suffering in exactly the same way as you are. If you can see the Truth in the suffering, you inevitably pave a way for all of those people and facilitate their own healing. Isn’t that Grace? 


If you have realised the above and are on a journey of trying to uncover your hidden wounds, you must understand that healing is not something you can actively seek to do. There are wounds buried so deep inside of you that only God can heal them. Learn to fully trust and follow your inner guidance, and those wounds will be re-surfaced and dissolved into Truth.  


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