Why-questions do not give the answer


Have you heard of the metaphor that the brain works like a computer? This metaphor creates a lot of problems. 


The metaphor is simply not true. And provided the context that it is generally believed that well-being is somehow happening in the brain - it has horrendous effects (and that’s a euphemism). The brain working like a computer automatically means that well-being is something to be sought and - when not had - can be found with a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘system reboot’ of some sort. 


Computers are ultimately math-problems - you ask ‘why is this not working?’, dig deep into the system, and find a bug that can be fixed. There is a simple or a complicated solution. However, the same is inapplicable to the mind/body system. It only works optimally when in line with Truth, and that can mean that it is frequently in pain and releasing tensions. As such, asking ‘why is this happening?’ is leading to the imagining of all sorts of non-existent problems. These problems can be fixed one by one, but the fixing would never get to the root cause, and more problems to be solved will keep being generated. 


So, what is the real solution? 


The real solution is fourfold: 

1) The solution is not asking ‘why questions’. Instead, it is acceptance. The solution is saying to yourself ‘this is happening, and it’s fine. It does not need fixing’. 

2) If you have to question it, if you want to change it, if you cannot resist analysing it - then do not focus on the problem. Rather, focus on the one that has the problem. Find that self. 

3) With genuine self-enquiry, you will notice that you cannot find it. The self that has a problem is itself non-existent. As such, can there really be a problem? 

4) Know yourself as Consciousness/Awareness. To you, nothing is problematic.