Is there a place for self-development in non-duality?

The problem with calling the refined thoughts of the mind ‘progress’


Psychology and spirituality do not go together, they never will. On the level of the mind, it seems you can make progress, you can re-define your beliefs, ‘change’ your mind, do ‘shadow work’, follow a path, develop. 


But on the level of who you are, you are changeless. There is no progress to be made. There is nowhere to go, since you are all-encompassing; there is nothing to do, since you are complete; you cannot have an outcome, since there is no ‘out’. 


Knowing yourself automatically corrects your mind, and your thoughts become as ‘real’ as they can be, expressing Truth (their Source) in the most precise way. This is not progress, this is not something you do, it just happens. As such, rather than seek therapy or coaching or self-development work, simply know your Self. All of the above methods naturally become meaningless once this happens. 


Progress is a fiction of the mind. In reality, nothing is changing.