Speak only the ultimate Truth


When someone tells you: ‘you are eternal and infinite’ - if you are ready to understand the true meaning of these words, you will know them to be true. 


If not, you will have questions, and you will ask those questions. Maybe the answer a certain teacher gives you will not be satisfying to you at the time, after which other answers will appear to you to clarify your questions. Slowly, you will make your way back to ‘you are eternal and infinite’. Again, If you are ready to understand these words, you will understand – just through the simple hearing of the words you will know who you really are. 


If not, you will again find answers to your questions at the level of understanding at which you are. And that process will keep going until you know, and live, the understanding that you are infinite and eternal. 


And so, there is a journey until you realise that there never was one. You leave home only to find you never left. 


But any one that is already home will only share from this ‘place’ of pure clarity and knowing in which there are no doubts and no questions. So, if you are not sharing the ultimate truth, you are still on the journey. And that's okay. Just keep going.


And if you are sharing the ultimate truth, people from any a level of understanding can come to you. You can be a step on their journey, or the end point. It does not matter, since it is not about you.


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