Everybody is doing the best they can with the knowledge that they have



This is one of the basic NLP assumptions that I learned at the beginning of my journey. It is not an assumption, however, it is true. No matter how outrageous it seems at first, why would anyone ever act sub-optimally? It makes no sense, and the mind is rational (or tries to be). Therefore, even watching TV for 6h every day, even taking drugs, even starting a fight or a war.. these are optimal behaviours based on the person’s conditioning.


They simply do not know better. Having (unconsciously) considered all options, some people decide to go for these things. We shouldn’t judge them or try to change them precisely because they are doing the best they can. Coming from a place of love and acceptance, we could eventually suggest better ways of living, or an upgrade to their internal software. But no hating, fighting, or judging is necessary for that. And often this same conditioning prevents the person from upgrading their system. And that’s ok, too. 


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