Should I wear a mask or not? 


Coronavirus is a manifestation of our collective fears of sickness and death. In Truth, there is no sickness, suffering, nor death. 


The above statement is absolute and true. However, this absolute Truth cannot be applied as such to the relative levels of mind, body, and world. The attempt to apply it in that way results in confusion and meaningless debates such as the one on wearing masks:

  1. Example arguments for wearing a mask may include the beliefs that we have to protect ourselves against viruses, protect the parts of the population that are most at risk, trust that our medical staff know what they do and suggest, and - if we disagree with those - wear it in order to not arise fear in those that think we should wear a mask;
  2. Example arguments against wearing a mask may include various conspiracy theories, the belief that one is healthy enough and the virus won't have an effect, or trying to apply the absolute statements that there is no sickness and death. Therefore, wearing a mask is untrue and promotes the illusion of separation and adds to the already high amount of fear. 

But what if there were a third option - that wearing/not wearing a mask is neutral? In that case, all of the above statements are both correct and incorrect. And that is because they all refer to the relative level of experience, to the realm of dualities. 


Questions and conversations like these are the reason for my article and table outlining three stages of Awakening. It explains clearly what statement can be applied to each ‘level’ of understanding.




Comment: Of course from an absolute perspective everything could be argued to be neutral which is Truth. However we are playing the game and therefore these differences can make a difference to the reality that unfolds. The reality that unfolds affects the collective consciousness of humanity. Yes we are the game. However the majority are not at the level of a god mode state of consciousness therefore this is more theory based.


Reply: All I'm saying here is that there is no right or wrong behaviour. Instead of right or wrong, we should think more about what action comes from Love and what action comes from fear. And that varies depending on each person's conditioning. Saying that there is a correct way of playing the game implies that one can know what actions will lead to the greatest good for all beings. It is important to trust the intuition that comes to you in terms of correct behaviour, because that comes to you for a reason. But it is just as important to accept that the same intuition can manifest itself differently in others for the same reason.


Comment: Wouldn't you say that wearing a mask is stemmed from fear + conditioning?

The correct way of playing from a higher level is as you say going with intuition but raising awareness and consciousness of others through your own actions so we definitely agree there.


Reply: The same can be said for not wearing a mask through statements such as: “I am healthy and I don’t need one”; “I choose to go against society’s rules”; “I don’t believe there is a virus”. And yes, these same statements can also be coming from Love. We shouldn’t look at such statements or behaviours to find Truth. We shouldn’t even be concerned about others - instead of raising Awareness, we should aim to Be It. Then, we accept everything that unfolds without resistance, and act in accordance with the knowing of our shared Being as expressed through us.